Jumat, 30 Oktober 2015

Bullying: A cancer that must be eradicated

Word Power (Page 37)
1.      Eradicate         : Membasmi, memberantas.
We should work together to eradicate bullying because of intimidation make someone get intimidated became depressed, left school, and also decided to stayed at home.
2.      Violent            : Kekerasan.
Dinda has been involved in serious and violent offending over a prolonged period of time.
3.      Merciless         : Tanpa belas kasihan.
That is a terrorist attack, a merciless evil that should exist in no world.
4.      Intimidation    : Intimidasi.
Some students who get intimidation not dare to report it to their parents or their teachers.
5.      Scared             : Takut.
I think sometimes people feel anxious when they lie to his friends, and scared that his lied will be revealed.
6.      Limelight         : Pusat perhatian.
He wants to be limelight and told him about what he believes, and to do that he must be self-confident.
7.      Distressing      : Menyedihkan.
This is very distressing, see someone get intimidation by their own classmates at school.
8.      Isolated           : Terpencil.
Sherly and her family live in isolated area and they do not have the communication tools.
9.      Harass             : Mengusik, Mengganggu.
Ninda will not stop harass his friend before he gets what he wants.
10.  Condone         : Memaafkan.
            We should condone someone who has apologized earnestly.

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